The Best Fly Fishing Adventure of the Year

With so many fantastic things to do in Durango, Colorado, it’s easy to get lost in the rugged beauty of this special place. The area’s rivers and lakes, though, invite you in for an immersive, quiet afternoon on the water, enjoying some of the best Durango Fly fishing. It’s an experience that is hard to beat. Colorado waters are open year-round for fishing, but spring is where you’ll find some of the best (and biggest) trout of the year.

Durango fly fishing is a world-renowned adventure- but it’s just the start of the many great things to do in the area. Add to your adventure hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, wine tasting, trips on the Durango to Silverton Train, and plenty of moments of contemplative solitude, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable adventure. The town itself, with its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, offers a delightful contrast to the day’s outdoor activities.

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Holding a rainbow trout while enjoying Durango Fly Fishing

Where to Find the Best Durango Fly Fishing

The chance for a Durango fly fishing adventure is something on the minds of anglers from all over the world, each drawn to this area by the pristine waters, abundant fish, and, of course, natural beauty. Surrounded by the stunning San Juan Mountains, Durango fly fishing offers a diverse range of rivers, streams, and lakes, all teeming with trout and other species. It’s a premier destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Though the waters are open and fishable year-round, with licenses spanning April 1 – March 31 of each year, there are definite differences throughout the seasons. You could argue that every season is the “best” time to fish, but given they all offer something distinct, we invite you to experience them all for yourself!

Spring ushers in the awakening of the rivers, with melting snows fueling the currents and inviting anglers to test their skills against the spirited trout. By summer, the longer, balmy days and clear blue skies have sent the fish hiding, challenging even the most seasoned fishermen. Come fall, the landscape is cloaked in a riot of color, with aspens turning gold and the air crisp. This season makes every cast a picturesque moment against a colorful backdrop, setting the stage for a memorable Durango fly fishing adventure.

The Best Places to Fish in Durango

  1. The Animas River is one of the best places for Durango fly fishing. The river flows right through the heart of town and is renowned for its excellent year-round fly fishing opportunities. It’s particularly well-known for its abundant rainbow and brown trout. Given its location in town, it’s perfect for accessible urban fly fishing, but there are also more secluded spots worth venturing to both up and downstream.
  2. Next is the San Juan River, particularly the stretch below the Navajo Dam in New Mexico. The Navajo Dam is one of the most famous tailwater fisheries in the United States, and this section of the river is known for its high density of trout, including plenty of trophy-sized fish. There’s also a public stretch of this fantastic river in the town of Pagosa Springs that is perfect for fly fishing.
  3. Rivers aren’t the only place to enjoy Durango fly fishing. We also recommend you head to Vallecito Lake for a quieter experience on these still waters. The lake itself is beautiful, and there are great opportunities here for rainbow and brown trout, as well as northern pike and other lake species.

Best Time of Year to Fish

The fly fishing season in Durango spans the entire year, but certain times offer more optimal conditions depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s a general guide to Durango fly fishing throughout the seasons.

  • Spring runoff, generally from April through June, can make the rivers high and murky. However, as the season goes on and the waters clear, fishing can be phenomenal. This is an excellent time for catching hungry trout as they become more active.
  • Summer, from July through September, is considered an excellent fly fishing season in Durango. It’s hard to argue with warm, sunny days on the scenic rivers and lakes – with early mornings and evenings offering the best opportunities.
  • Fall, from October to November, brings spectacular colors and aggressive fish. As the temperatures cool, trout become more active and hungry as they prepare for winter. Lower water levels at this time of year also make fish more concentrated and accessible.
  • Winter fly fishing, from December through March, can be challenging due to cold temperatures and ice, but the San Juan River’s tailwater remains fishable year-round. Winter can offer serene fishing experiences without the crowds, too.

A valid Colorado fishing license is required for anyone over the age of 16 looking to enjoy some Durango fly fishing. You can purchase a license online or at local sporting goods stores in Durango. You can also rent all equipment needed in town and find guides and outfitters that can provide valuable insights on current conditions and the best fishing spots. As avid anglers ourselves, we’re happy to help you arrange whatever is needed and recommend some of our favorite spots!

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Best Places to Stay in Durango, Colorado

Whether you’re wading through the Animas River or casting on the serene waters of Vallecito Lake, it’s easy to see why Durango fly fishing is an unforgettable adventure. It’s one of our favorite pastimes in the area and something we can’t wait to share with you. There’s only one thing that can make your Durango fly fishing trip better – and that’s a stay at our top-rated Bed and Breakfast in Durango, CO.

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