Don’t Miss These Durango Restaurants!

Durango is a city celebrated as much for its vast, rugged wilderness as its vibrant culinary scene. There’s a fantastic selection of restaurants in Durango, Colorado, including everything from farm-to-table establishments and classic steakhouses to historic Old West saloons that will have you feeling like you stepped back in time.

Durango’s restaurants pride themselves on providing a well-rounded smorgasbord of offerings, with everything from authentic Southwestern fare to sophisticated international cuisine represented. Here, you’ll find menus that reflect the area’s agricultural heritage and commitment to sustainability. This commitment to quality and authenticity is palpable as diners indulge in flavors that are as bold and dynamic as the city’s surrounding landscapes.

The food is excellent here, but it’s nothing compared to all the other things to do in Durango. When the day is done, there are few things better after returning from an adventure in the rugged outdoors than enjoying a fantastic meal – except maybe a relaxing soak in our hot tub. While you’re here enjoying the best of the Four Corners, leave yourself plenty of time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the guest experience at our Durango, Colorado Bed and Breakfast. There’s nothing else like it in town. Book your stay today!

Friends enjoying a casual meal out at one of the best restaurants in Durango, Colorado

The 8 Best Restaurants in Durango, Colorado

Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal, small bites, or fantastic craft cocktails, restaurants in Durango, Colorado, won’t disappoint. Durango’s dining scene is as diverse and inviting as its picturesque landscapes and caters to various tastes and preferences. From cozy cafes to upscale dining establishments, the city boasts a range of options that showcase the best of local and international cuisine.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Durango that are known for their exceptional food, ambiance, and service:

  1. If you’re in the mood for some truly delicious Italian cuisine, then you’ll want to visit Mamma Silvia’s Italian Kitchen. It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Durango. Don’t miss the Burrata Caprese and Linguine al Pesto on the menu.
  2. Sushi lovers, head to East by Southwest Sushi. To start, try their Brussels Sprout Chips with wasabi sea salt, followed by a selection of rolls. Favorites of ours include the High Roller roll and the Gone Jah Man roll.
  3. Get a taste of Mexico at another of our favorite restaurants in Durango, Frida’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina. Their Mangonada cocktail is fantastic, as is theTostadas de Ceviche.
  4. If you’re looking for a casual bite accompanied by some of Durango’s best beer, head to Carver Brewing Company. For non-beer drinkers, try their Mancos Mule—and don’t miss the Four Corners Steak Sandwich.
  5. For a unique taste of the Old West, head to Diamond Belle Saloon. The staff is dressed in costume, there’s ragtime piano playing in the background, and the food is excellent.
  6. If you’re looking for craft cocktails and a hip space, El Moro Tavern won’t disappoint! From delicious small plates like Honey-Sambal Lollipops to Mezcal Mustard-Glazed Salmon, it won’t take long to see why this is one of the best restaurants in Durango.
  7. If you want to enjoy some of Durango’s fine dining, head to Seasons of Durango. As the name suggests, this restaurant is known for its seasonal menu that highlights the best local ingredients. It’s well worth a stop!
  8. Eolus Bar & Dining, named after one of the peaks in the San Juan Mountains, is another of our top picks for restaurants in Durango. This rooftop dining experience combines stunning views with a fantastic menu and features fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared with impeccable craftsmanship.

These restaurants are just a glimpse of what Durango offers, each contributing to the city’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

A delicious southwest breakfast at our Durango Bed and Breakfast

A Tantalizing Breakfast at our Durango Bed and Breakfast

These restaurants in Durango, Colorado, provide a fitting end to a busy day. Whether you’ve spent it hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or riding the scenic Durango to Silverton Train, coming back to a delicious meal is a great way to round out a vacation. But, as tasty as these restaurants are, they are nothing compared to the breakfast and happy hour treats you’ll enjoy at our Bed and Breakfast!

At Antlers on the Creek Bed and Breakfast in Durango, Colorado, we pride ourselves on offering an exquisite and highly curated guest experience. Each morning of your stay, you’ll start with a homemade breakfast prepared by our Chef, Brittany. She is a talented chef who loves to try new things and always brings a diverse and creative menu to our guests. Like many of the top local restaurants in Durango, our breakfast offerings change frequently!

Our signature breakfast is fantastic fuel for whatever your day has in store—but that’s not all we offer! Each afternoon, after your adventure ends and before you head to town for dinner, we hope you’ll join us for our signature Happy Hour. Like breakfast, you can expect it to be inventive and delicious. The daily happy hour features a house cocktail and small bites that are changed regularly.

Beyond serving our guests great food, our Durango, Colorado Bed and Breakfast will go out of its way to provide you with exceptional hospitality. What sets us apart is our attention to detail. With the goal of providing the ultimate home away from home, you can expect to find a welcome range of amenities, comfortable accommodations, fantastic grounds to enjoy, and friendly, detail-oriented hospitality.

If you’re ready to experience the best of Durango this summer, it’s time to book your room at our Bed and Breakfast!